How to Search

How to Search

How to Search

You can either send us a brief and we can send through links in an email or create a job folder under your login to our site. Or you can search yourself, either way there is no charge for this part of the service. If you are searching yourself go to the locations page. Here there are 4 drop down menus you can utilise to define your search. You can search by state, location geographically, by type/style of architecture or by detail i.e. room type. So you can use all 4 of these or just one. For example if you just want to view pools you can just select pools from the drop menu under place and you will get all properties with pools regardless of type/style or location.

Once you have selected your criteria and pressed find the site will present you with your search results. You will see 5 locations per page and how many pages will also display. Once on a particular location page you can click on the images to enlarge.


Job Folders

When you are viewing a location you can click on ‘Add To Job Folder’ and create a folder with your campaign name. Once the folder has been created you can add further locations to it. You can create multiple folders to separate out your searches and campaigns. This a great feature for managing your campaigns and if you share your login details with someone they can then view your selections.

Share Via Email

You can also email location ideas to clients or colleagues by clicking on the ‘Share Via Email’ button. You can add an optional message to the person you are emailing and it will send the location to them. They will not need login details to the website to view the location pictures.

Location Enquiry

By clicking on the location enquiry button you can then fill in the form with details of your shoot, press submit and we will get back you asap with the information you require.