List Your Property

List Your Property

Submitted by admin on Wed, 23/08/2017 - 19:21
Have you had photo shoots or filming in the past

Currently it's free to list your property. As you can imagine we receive requests for all sorts of locations from residential properties through to commercial spaces.


Listing Your Property:

  1. Complete the form opposite. The brief description of your property should include type / style of house, eg; european, beach house, modern apartment. Other useful details are, the number of levels, access to front door (steps), open plan living, if the property has a swimming pool, garden, boat shed, jetty etc. Give us an indication of the interior decoration, and the date the property was built.
  2. If you have any digital images of the property, email them to:
  3. We will contact you regarding your property. If you require further information about photography and film shoots, just ask. We'll happily take you through what's involved in a location shoot.
  4. For reference purposes, we will require photographs of your property. These images will be held in our on-line library. Your address details will be filed separately in our Sydney office. We will arrange a photography appointment at a convenient time with you. It is of utmost importance that your property is looking it's best. Messy photographs never do the property justice. Appointments take about 30mins.

That's it! As soon as we have an interest in your property, we'll contact you.